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2 years old
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Ace Attorney Court Bot 🏳️‍⚧️
Standard v1.1
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Bot that was used to convert Twitter threads/conversations into videos that resembled those of the Ace Attorney videogames. Making Twitter conversations get to a new level o weirdness. This was in fact the second iteration of the bot, the first one got to 500k followers and used to make ~2000 videos per day.
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Thanks a lot. This was by far the most successful project I've ever had. I clearly remember logging each day to check how much did the account grow overnight. How many of you were you thanking me for it, and checking a couple of the generated videos. Maybe I glued the code together and I set the server, but in reality it was you guys who really made this bot. Thanks ♥
Entertainment Personal project Make Twitter funnier
Would have been able to pay up to $30/month for the Twitter API.
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