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Twitter Archive Explorer
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Archive explorer was a collection of several open-source and free projects geared around extracting data from the Twitter archive. Gathered around a web application that had 10,000 users during its lifetime, it made it possible to search, filter, order and group tweets, favorites, direct messages, followers and followings in a few seconds, at a time when Twitter did not yet provide an interface to explore the data of their archives. A mass tweet deletion tool, combined with the power of search, allowed you to target and empty any part of your Twitter account of its inappropriate content, while keeping a part of its history. As of the date of this post, Archive Explorer has removed almost 1.6 million tweets.
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It was a very nice personal project, encouraged by my friends and allow me to really step up my programming skills. During these 5 years of service, I received very nice messages from users around the world, and I am very grateful to them. ♥️
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